I find the best way to begin this blog by starting with a big disappointment :D. There will be no programming, no awesome print-screens and certainly no runnable demo's. Alright, alright, maybe later, but not now okay? Before we start building our ground breaking algorithms *cough* we might want to think things through. I'm not the first guy trying to build a game engine and only a fool learns from his own mistakes. As you might have noticed, my mind likes to drift to all sorts of weird random thoughts so brainstorming should come easy to me as long as I keep my mind... [click]

Ah yes, lets start with a quick brainstorm to find some of the topics we need to think about before we start coding. It doesn't have to be a complete collection, we just do this to get us started.

 There are some interesting topics, but I think procedural content is one of the more important ones (since I'm not a 3D-designer). Lets just start there and see how it goes.

PrefaceProcedural Content