I Changed My Mind

Programming in a language that needs to be compiled is soooo . I decided to make everything in JavaScript (I'm terribly, terribly sorry Jesus). I programmed this planet thingy below just to see if it could be done. It actually loads this 3D object that I made with Blender. Making it work on every browser and mapping the textures to the polygons wasn't easy, but you don't even need hardware acceleration for this, how awesome is that? The portability will even be better than Java, this will revolutionize gaming as we know it! P.S. I'm not using WebGL, I don't like WebGL and probably never will. I got that gut-feeling that lots of security flaws will be found and every browser will disable it by default.

Bazinga! Haha how stupid would that be? Playing a game inside a bowser would just be silly. Could you imagine people actually going to some 'url' and start playing a game? Haha, hilarious.

It's an iframe of http://javascriptfun.slapware.eu/ if you like to 'borrow' the source. Here's a zip, so promise me not to use a web-crawler okay? It was just a toy project, there is just no way that JavaScript is able to become a serious competitor for 3D gaming. Maybe as a scripting language for high level stuff, but as serious game engine? The internet sure is a goofy place.

No seriously, there is no way I would do this in JavaScript or any other language with similarities to this name.

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