Hi there. On this website you'll find some of my ramblings on game engine related stuff and mainly at my attempts of creating one. You probably got here after reading other interesting blogs about the same topic having better narratives and if not, don't worry, I will mention them in a minute. If you are here hoping to read a blog that makes too much immature jokes that is destroying my future chances of ever getting hired as software engineer, you've found the right address. Just in case you haven't heard of them, are actually serious about learning things or just don't want anything to do with me in general i'd recommend the sites mentioned below.

Shamus Young actually has experience at a Gaming Company and is a novelist. Unlike me, he knows how to keep you interested without making a penis-joke once every paragraph so you'd better check him out. Another guy who was programming long before I was born and puts all his knowledge to good use to entertain his readers with his project is Michael Goodfellow. Is it me, or do these guys all have names that could have been the main character of some heroic tale? Hmm maybe I should create a pen name for myself such as "Bruce Trogdor" or maybe "Epic Lantern", that would be so awesome...

What can you expect of this blog? I'm not that good at teaching stuff, but I will try to be somewhat informative. Please keep in mind that I'm writing articles because of it's my hobby so don't expect me to be serious all of the time. Most of the articles will be like progress reports in chronological order, but I'll try to keep as much structure as possible. So If (for example) I decide to use an octree datastructure you may here me talk about how cool it is. When I later realize how stupid that was, I won't edit my initial post. At most I'll add a small side-node in the original post that all the work I did should be ignored and that it's allowed to laugh at my face as I should have seen it coming. That brings me to a code of conduct on commenting to my articles. It's okay to call me names, make fun of my haircut or even call me immature. On the other hand, if you want to steal parts of my source code and remove any trace that it's been made by me that's okay too. Now that is all clear, let's create some actual content.

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