Review and Refacturing

Sorry, no new binary release. The last one can be found here.Sorry, no new source release. The last one can be found here.

It is time to review some of the stuff I have done and refacture the code in the project. Ladies and gentleman, it is time to say goodbye to version 2.7.1.x and start building the basics for version

The current examples are archived away to make room for new tests and new examples. So let us take a moment to remember our fallen comrades:

  • Comrade #1, The bouncing smilies
  • Comrade #2, The deterministic physics
  • Comrade #3, The tessellated tetrahedron
  • Comrade #4, The rotating cube
  • Comrade #5, The arkanoid clone with the buggy shader
  • Comrade #6, The planet maze/clusters

I think a tribute is in order as they served their purpose well.

Procedural EmptinessCubify