Effect and Cause

It turns out that drinking soda prevents the cause of leprosy! All over the world we have gathered data on people drinking all kinds of soda. I don't want to name a specific brand just yet [your ad could be here], but the data is irrefutable. Drinking this soda clearly has a positive result on the chances of contracting this limb losing disease! We used a fair, statistical sampling rate on the worlds population and a great majority of people who contracted this disease admits: "I don't know what you are talking about, what is this 'soda' you speak of?" (translated), while people without leprosy are more likely to answer our question with "Yeah I like to drink a soda during lunch brakes or when eating fast food". We are still awaiting the effects on giving this soda to African children to see if it is also able to cure the disease, but so far it looks like it only works as a preventive measure.